Originally from Germany, the Aufguss sauna ritual increases the effect of sweating. The sauna master pours water infused with essential oils on the hot stones which immediately raises the degree of humidity in the sauna. By circular movements with a towel, the sauna master mixes the hot air coming from the top of the sauna with the warm air from the bottom.

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Intensity +++ | Sensory Stimulation ++++ | Energy +++

Inspired by the ancient Celts, this ritual offers a more traditional version of the Aufguss wrapped in red velvet. Fill your lungs with the aroma of balsam fir essential oils and let the overwhelming heat of the sauna envelop you. Aromatic water will be poured from a horn onto the burning-hot stones to increase the temperature even more. And just when you think you can’t take it anymore, you’ll be served half-frozen citrus fruits to refresh you.


Intensity ++++ | Sensory Stimulation ++++ | Energy ++++

Get ready for an electrifying blacklight sauna experience! The beat sets the tone for this energizing citrus-scented Aufguss. You’ll be hypnotized by the Aufgussmeister’s fluorescent body paint and blasted by billowing heat sent your way with the whip of a towel. Let the energy of the music sustain you in the unbearable heat and you'll be rewarded with a shot of cold juice and ice to refresh your body. The Glow is a strange and primal experience that will push you to the outer limits.


Intensity ++ | Sensory Stimulation ++++ | Energy +

Take part in a restorative experience and explore the relaxing benefits of thermotherapy. The Meditation is a centering Aufguss ritual under calming blue lights. Let yourself be enchanted with the hypnotic sound of a Tibetan bowl, relaxing music and peppermint, lavender, or eucalyptus soothing essential oils. At the end of this relaxing experience, you’ll be given chilled chamomile tea to cool the burning heat of your body.


Intensity +++ | Sensory stimulation ++++ | Energy ++

Try our signature formula. An energizing and invigorating experience perfect for new followers. In a warm and relaxed atmosphere, our Aufguss Meister will guide you into a roller coaster of intensity. Enjoy an exhilarating sensory experience that will benefit you in the long run.

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