Thai Massage

Thai Massage

The Thai Massage is an energetic approach originating in Thailand that combines yoga-inspired stretching with techniques for working on the body's energy vessels. Using energy lines and acupressure, this massage aims to stimulate the circulation of energy to re-harmonize the body, while relieving physical and mental tension. Mobilizing, pulling and stretching movements are also used to release muscular and joint tension, providing a deep sense of relaxation and renewed vitality.

  • Ideal for people with poor blood and lymph circulation
  • Ideal for relieving stress and anxiety, while improving sleep
  • Ideal for reactivating the body's vitality

* Only available at SKYSPA Québec.

18 years + to book a treatment

Massage of 60 or 90 min

1 towel included, depending on availability

Locker included, depending on availability


* The minimum age required for a massage is 18 years old.

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